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Attention to all! :)
Saturday, December 22, 2007 at 6:31 PM.

Prices r slightly negotiable for certain items! Fast deals please :)

Swaps r welcomed but I must be interested in your item(s) too :)
*$2.50 + selling price = Swap price
(Top up may be needed)

*I'm looking for:
1. Dresses
2. Straw Bags
If u have any of the above items, please send me an email, attached with a pic. thanks sweet!

All of us don't like dead buyers ya? So do take a look at my blacklisted corner. Beware of them sweeties!! :)

Happy Shopping! :)

Clearance Sale!!
at 6:30 PM.


Badly need to clear all items in my shopping blog! Thus, clearance sale is on now :)

*2 for the price of 1!!

*Price will be the 1 before discount & will be of e higher value ones :)

Thanks in advance!

About PrincesShopping
simply loves shopping

PrincesShopping is a shopping site that sells 2nd hand or brand new items that are in GOOD conditions & REASONABLE price.

For any inquiries, feel free to email to: princesshopping@hotmail.com

for advertising only

Please send all enquiries to princesshopping@hotmail.com
thanks! :)

Terms & Conditions
Please read :)

1. Please clarify all inquiries before purchasing

2. Mode of payment: Bank transfer or Concealed cash(at your own risk ;)

3. Mode of collection: Registered or Normal Postage, Meet-up(places will be arranged)

4. NO changing or cancelling of order(s) once I've received them. Thanks :)


6. Normal postage fee will be $0.60 per top & $1.20 per bottom.

7. I will NOT be responsible for any losses after I've mailed out the item(s)

8. Make purchases only if you TRUST me. :)

Can't tolerate Irresponsible People!

1st to be blacklisted - Linn Adele linnadele@hotmail.com
Sylvia Neo sylviathegirl@hotmail.com
Jeanna Teo elitesmart_89@hotmail.com HTTP://SHOPPINGWITHSENSE.BLOGSPOT.COM

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